Jennie Garth Plays Nice With Her Ex, Tweets "Happy Father's Day"

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The actress tweets to her ex and the father of their three girls, Peter Facinelli.

There's something to be said about being able to stay friendly with your ex. It's not easy at all, but when done, it can be extremely cathartic and enjoyable.

According to People, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli have found a way to keep an amiable relationship for their three children post-split. So, it was no surprise when Garth tweeted at her ex with an extremely endearing Happy Father's Day message.

"Happy Father's Day Peter, Our girls are so lucky to have a daddy like you! Hope you have a great day with them:) @peterfacinelli," she wrote. 5 Parenting Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrity Dads

The 90210 actress and her Twilight hubby announced their divorce in March 2011 after 11 years of marriage. Although they couldn't agree on staying together, the one thing they still stand united on is raising their three daughters: Luca, 14, Lola, 9, and Fiona, 5 1/2.

"We are great parents together, so when it's about the kids, it's wonderful," Garth told People in March.

So far, it appears the ex-couple's actions have backed up their strong parenting ideals. Garth told People that she and Facinelli "make it very clear to (our kids) they don't have to choose sides. They can go wherever they want and be with whom they want." Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli Split After 11 Years Of Marriage

We're sad that the two decided it was best to end their romantic relationship, but at least they can still be parents together. And with a mom and dad like that, their kids will be just fine. Here's to hoping that Peter had a fantastic Father's Day with his little girls!

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