"Why I'm Happy I Didn't Go Through With My Wedding"

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Love, Heartbreak

They were good at making love, but she knew they would be no good at making a life.

The venue is booked. The perfect wedding dress picked out. Flower arrangements, music, seating chart — all the little details — taken care of. But then you get cold feet. No, more than cold feet: You realize you're making a decision that will leave you miserable for life.

Calling off your wedding may petrify you, but as Lisa Wolfe writes in a recent essay for The Huffington Post, sometimes it's more than necessary to preserve your health, happiness and sanity — even if it seems like you've gotten to the point of no return (i.e., nonrefundable deposits). After months and months of arguing with her fiance, not to mention realizing that they want completely different lives, the author had a difficult decision to make ... Find out how she made it in her compelling essay.  

Read Wolfe's essay on Huffington Post Weddings: Lisa Wolfe: My Canceled Wedding

Can you relate? Have you ever gotten engaged, only to call it off?

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