On Fire With Desire: How A Single Touch Can Make You Want Sex

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A new study says that the male touch just might be too hot for you to handle...

Picture this: You're on a date, things are going "meh," but then all of a sudden he puts his hand on your knee, or even worse, on your cheek. Then before you can even take stock of what's going on, you feel an instant connection and things are no longer so "meh." You're thinking that chemistry has just transpired between you, and there's no escaping it. Well, settle down, because new research shows that it's a bit of a biological trick.

The study, conducted by the University of St. Andrews, found that just the mere touch of the male experimenter made women's skin temperature rise 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In comparison, the female experimenter's touch on the ladies did absolutely nothing. The response to the touch was completely subconscious — just a basic biological response to the gender to which most of us are attracted. The rise in temperature even increased a wee bit more when the touch was closer to the face or chest. 

If things on a date are pretty much lukewarm, but then take a turn toward Hot Town because of a simple touch, it might be best to take the fella's hand off of your body so you can have some real perspective as to how you feel. Sometimes our bodies like to think for themselves (just look at the penis, for example), so it's best to try to subtract your body from the situation to see clearly. You don't want to wake up the next morning with That Loser in your bed just because your body got all hot and bothered because of a single touch. Take control of the matter before you end up in Regretsy Town, ladies! This usually means fewer shots at the bar, FYI.

Have you ever felt turned on by a guy just because he touched you?

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