Gay Pride Month: Want A Year's Worth Of Rainbow Condoms?

Rainbow Condoms

Happy National Gay Pride Month! Celebrate by staying safe.

If you're going to be sexually active, then you should make use of that glove compartment for every sexual experience that comes your way. So if you're getting some, and lots of it, doesn't a year's worth of condoms sound fantastic?

In support of National Gay Pride Month – which is every June – Conscious Contraceptives is hosting a national contest in which participants can win an entire year's worth of condoms. You'll save money, contribute to a worthwhile organization and of course, keep yourself and your partner(s) safe.

Conscious Contraceptives was inspired by Toms Shoes "one for one" charity program, but instead of getting shoes, people receive condoms. This is especially essential in countries where the AIDS epidemic is still running rampant due to lack of education and condom accessibility. In addition, donations purchased by ConCon.org are always made in the country that they're helping so as to "support local manufacturing and commerce." In short, by giving to Conscious Contraceptives you're promoting good health all around and helping to keep a globally conscious organization hard at work at making the world a better place.

So if you want to throw your hat in the ring to see if you can win 365 condoms from Conscious Contraceptives, all you have to do is visit Facebook.com/ConConOrg, "Like" the page, and since June is Gay Pride month, submit a wall post that starts with: "I use contraceptives with PRIDE because..." It's as easy as that! The wall post to receive the most "likes" and replies during the month-long celebration walks away with the prize. Who doesn't want 365 sexy times?

For a list of condom brands that Conscious Contraceptives offers (should you win) and other pertinent details regarding the contest visit: http://www.concon.org/blog/archives/69. So this Pride Month, start thinking safe — and colorful!

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