Why You Shouldn't Eat Junk Food Around Your Guy

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Put down that burger! Why eating greasy fast food can have a negative effect on your relationship.

If the ugly, fattening effects of greasy fast food aren't enough to keep you away, consider this: In addition to its unhealthy side effects, eating junk can hurt your relationship.

In a recent study at Ohio State University, researchers had couples attend a two-day-long session where they were asked to eat a meal either high or low in saturated fats. After eating, researchers asked the couple to discuss a stressful situation such as money issues or annoying habits (like his tendency to snore, perhaps? But I digress). 5 Tips to Juggle Love and Money

Through blood tests, researchers found that meals high in saturated fats resulted in a greater increase in stress hormones and more inflammation during heated discussions (totally doesn't help the situation!) Even more reason to stay away from the drive-through window.

I've definitely noticed the effects of fatty foods on my waistline and energy levels. Now that I think about it, eating bad food usually translates to bad moods and therefore, more arguments with my fiancé, which results in me eating more bad food because I have no energy/will to cook anything healthy. What a vicious cycle!

This study is definitely one worth listening to. If anything, it will definitely make me less likely to reach for a McDonald's Caramel Frappe (yes, it's my guilty pleasure) as my go-to stress food. Doesn't help me get in shape for my August wedding anyway.

Do you fight more with your significant other after eating greasy foods? 

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