Don’t Get Burnt: Maybe the Grass isn’t Greener


This Post is about men choosing to go to the lesser woman and then wanting to come back.

Lately #FirstLady has been hearing from her ex’s that I was the one they seen themselves eventually marrying. Do these men really think that this is some type of compliment. Just think about it, he has just told me that I was some type of layaway plan that he was going to get back too! This got me thinking about if I was on layaway then where have you been shopping, while you were making your way back. If I was a department store I most definitely feel that a #FirstLady is quality that you find in Saks 5th Ave, and if he's a loyal customer how could he be shopping at Filenes Basement. So I say Don’t Get Burnt: Maybe the Grass isn’t Greener on the other side of the mall.

We all know the famous quote “That the Grass isn’t always Greener on the other side”. In a majority of breakups people tend to move on because they believe they have found something better to take their current partners place. In many cases that says that someone may have been misbehaving in their current relationship. But today were talking about something completely different. This is about men choosing the lesser of female to waste time with, while they have supposedly found the one that they would marry. Is it ever okay to give up a good thing for a not so sure thing???

I will never be sure why these men would think they should start off trying to rekindle a relationship by insulting me. Yes... It is an insult to me to say you knew that other broad wasn’t shit and you still decided to mess with her. These men have found themselves in very peculiar predicaments when they supposedly realize that I’m the one for them. Let’s explore what someone actually gets when they decide to shop in the basement. I mean when you down graded did you realize that there wasn’t anything exclusive about Filene’s basement. If a female is talking about these dudes she knows are her home boys that want her. I will put money on a few of these home boys have been to the basement. If when you meet her and she is talking about I’m kind of with him.....ask yourself “wtf” is a kind of. I mean think about it, is she telling the next man she’s kind of with you. Boundaries are funny and what someone is willing to cross is something that has to be considered. I mean if she’ll disrespect her actual man that she was kind of with, what would she do if you were down.

I write this post to say that when you make decisions in life that you have to think about how tomorrow isn’t promised. I mean one of my ex’s have even impregnated one of these bargain basement broads. I mean he actually thinks that were going to sit and talk about his decision to break my heart for some around the way girl.*confuse face* There is nothing worse to me for a man to talk about his baby mama that he was well aware of before the kids was a hoe. If mentally you know her views and her life style is sketchy before a kid, was your thinking that somehow she would be different once she had to teach a child. I think it would be more honorable as a man that has grown and want to come back to just keep it real. I mean the type of real that talks about where your thought process was at the time and where it is now.

They say know your worth and what your willing to accept when it comes to dealing with these men. I mean this is advice that fathers and brothers give to their daughters and sisters. I mean this is great advice and should be followed. I just wonder if men apply this to the woman they decide to be with. These guys were saying to me that they found what they were meant to have for the rest of there lives. But instead decided that they didn’t deserve to have the road that could lead to forever happiness, instead took the road that was dark sketchy and not on the map. I’m a #FirstLady and if I believe you were meant to be my husband, you better believe I’m not walking on Elm St when I know my husband lives on Rodeo know where the #exclusive merchandise resides