YourTango Quickies: Do Sex Toys Make You Wilder In Bed?

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Plus, why men "marry up," America's most promiscuous cities and more.

Looking for the locus of lust? Lucky you: OKCupid has conducted a study to determine the 10 most promiscuous cities in the U.S., and the results may surprise you. (You naughty little Pacific Northwest, you!)

If you're a sex-toy user, chances are you like it doggy-style. A recent study by naughty-toy company Adam & Eve revealed that people who enjoy sex toys in the bedroom like their frisky a little more risky than folks who keep it vanilla. While 32 percent of us still live and love by missionary, folks who have fun with toys like vibrators, anal plugs and handcuffs are more likely to howl for "rear entry."

On a less-naughty note, 25 percent of guys in one British study said they know on the first date if a woman is "the real thing," while women reported they need six dates to see if a fella is longterm material. So men aren't the commitment-phobes society makes them out to be...?

Nope, especially when you consider yet another encouraging finding, which suggests men are "marrying up." No, they're not necessarily hunting for women who make them richer: They're seeking women who make them more in touch with their emotions. If you've feared your chances at love are null because none of the guys in your romantic past appreciate your depth or your need to really connect, it turns out that the real marrying kind of male is looking for someone to encourage him to be his most real and to tap into his truest, greatest self. Men do feel: If that doesn't turn us on, ladies, well...we don't know what will.

But here's something to consider when he's ready to make you a keeper: Some say it's a dim move to wear a shiny engagement ring to a job interview. The logic? Some employers figure that if you've got someone who can put an ice-skating rink around your finger, you don't really need a job. Is this relationship-status discrimination? You decide.