Getting Cozy? Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Vacation Together

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock
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'The Proposal' co-stars insist that they're just friends, but we're not so sure.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have been Hollywood besties for over 10 years, according to America's Sweetheart. Their bond grew strong when they co-starred in The Proposal in 2009, and they leaned on one another to get through both of their divorces last year (Bullock split from Jesse James in March, and Reynolds from Scarlett Johansson in December 2010). They've said over and over again that they are just friends, but the two have been spending an awful lot of time together. Sandra Bullock: "I Don't Get Ryan's Lovin' After Dark"

At the start of this year, we noted that Bullock, 47, and Reynolds, 34, rang in the New Year together at Sandy's restaurant, Bess Bistro, in Texas. Earlier this month, the two resurfaced again to walk the red carpet at the premiere of Reynolds' latest flick, The Change-Up. And just last weekend, the friends were spotted vacationing together in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. TMZ has adorable photos of Bullock's adopted son, Louis Bardo, strapped to Reynolds' back during a group hike in Grand Teton National Park. 

This mounting evidence is adding plenty of fuel to the "Are they or aren't they?" speculation. Just like their characters in The Proposal, we don't think it's that unlikely for these two to end up together. They've been through similar experiences in their personal and professional lives, they're always supporting one another, and it seems that the time they share is filled with fun and laughter. Aren't these the basic elements of a great relationship? Ryan Reynolds Talks About His Divorce From Scarlett Johansson

If something more is indeed happening between these two BFFS, we'd be all for team... Ryllock? Sanolds? (ugh, no combination of their names sounds good!). They both deserve to be happy!

Do you think Reynolds and Bullock would make a good couple?

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