George Clooney Rebounds With Former WWE Wrestler Stacy Keibler

George Clooney

The 'Dancing With the Stars' hottie was recently spotted at Clooney's Lake Como villa.

George Clooney definitely has a type. We learned from his two-year relationship with Elisabetta Canalis that he likes his women young, beautiful, and incredibly toned (seriously, have you seen her body?) We also learned that, no matter how young, beautiful and toned his current girlfriend is, he'll be on to the next one in no time. One month after their split, enter the silver fox's latest flavor of the moment: Stacy Keibler. Top 10 Qualities George Clooney Looks for In a Woman

A source tells Life & Style that the blonde bombshell, who rose to D-list fame as a WWE star and later as a scantily clad contestant on Dancing With the Stars, received the coveted invite in early July to Clooney's private villa in Lake Como, Italy. The two were apparently set up by a mutual friend who thought they'd be a good fit since they're both on the same page.

"He's enjoying spending time with Stacy, but he just got out of a two-year relationship," says the source. "George isn't ready for anything serious. This fling is purely for fun." The 10 Most Notorious Celebrity Womanizers

Really, is Clooney ever looking for anything serious?

Hollywood's most notorious bachelor better be careful, though. Keibler tweeted while on her Italian rendezvous: "I'm in heaven," which sounds like the words of a smitten woman! He may have a closet clinger on his hands—one who claims she's in it for the "fun," but then finds herself wanting to lock him down—which means he'll be breaking yet another girl's heart in record time.

Poor Stacy, she never stood a chance.

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