Love Bytes: Have Fetishes Become Boring?


Tips on saving money in your relationship and saving your relationship from money.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

Fetishes may have been taboo 10 years ago, but are people getting bored with them? [The Gloss]

In the long run, does living together really save couples money? [MyDaily]

If not, here are financial tips for long-lasting success in your marriage or live-in relationship. [Third Age]

Tired of the same penis-shaped garb at every bachelorette party? Us too. Read on for creative (and healthy!) ideas for the best bride-to-be bash of all time. [Shape]

Guilty as charged: common dating mistakes women make in their 20's. [Madame Noire]

The ultimate summer dating challenge: ten dates, one month, zero excuses. [Essence]

How to move on, even when there's nothing to move on to. [College Candy]

We didn't think this was possible, but it turns out that there is one time that it's wrong to be a tease. [The Stir]

Quit dwelling on what goes on in porn and read up on what real men think is sexy. [Betty Confidential]

And because we're having royal wedding withdrawals (ugh, we know!), here's a fix: this week's Royal Wedding of Monoco. [Daily Beast]


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