Love Bytes: Why Women Adore The Bad Boy

bad boy

Declaring war on insecurities and what your brain looks like... on porn.

Love Bytes: 11 must-click love and relationship links.

Admittedly, many women are still pulling most of the weight when it comes to household chores. The real question is, do we really mind? [Betty Confidential]

Despite how much you care about the division of household labor, here's why you and your guy will continue to fight about it, no matter what. [The Stir]

Can't bring him home to mom, but just can't live without him? Why women continue to adore the bad boy. [The Frisky]

Why getting married will not necessarily make you happier. [Huffington Post]

Sick of the argument that men are wired to cheat? Yeah, same here. [The Gloss]

To accompany that tired reasoning, here's a study about the consistent personality traits of cheaters. [Glamour]

Ever think the world was running out of men? Turns out, you're wrong, and your wrongness is backed by statistics! [TresSugar]

Communication can be the saving grace for your relationship, but some people still need a little help in this area. Are you one of them? Read on. [Divine Caroline]

15 fictional characters we want to sleep in our beds. [Nerve]

College Candy is declaring war on insecurities, and we suggest you do the same. [College Candy]

Finally, behold: your brain on porn. [Em and Lo]


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