M-Dress Turns You Into A Human Cell Phone

Image of M-Dress
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Would you wear the M-Dress, a frock that functions as a cell phone, on a first date?

We rely on our first-date outfits to do many things: to seduce, create confidence, make a killer first impression. But we've never relied on a dress to make a phone call.

It may sound like an April Fools' joke, but the cell-phone dress is real. And shockingly, it's kind of sexy.

London-based company CuteCircuit, which specializes is "wearable technology", introduced the M-Dress after receiving feedback from women who complained that carrying purses and cell phones cramped their evening style. The dress uses "soft electronics" and is made of a dark-grey, form-fitting silk jersey fabric. The wearer inserts her own telephone's SIM card into a slot near the dress's label, and the dress itself functions as the phone. That's right: when someone calls your telephone number, your dress rings. The company claims that "gesture recognition technology" will allow you to answer the call by bringing your hand to your ear, and will allow you to hang up by dropping the same hand to the side. 5 Dating And Technology Rules You Need To Know

The dress isn't on the market yet so we haven't had a chance to test-drive it, but we have to wonder: Is this dress the best or worst first-date idea ever?

In the pro column, it's a fantastic conversation piece. The fact that your dress IS your phone will either impress him or make him laugh, but either way, you'll definitely have something to talk about. And the dress itself is sexy and sophisticated—it hugs your curves, but it's not low-cut, and the knee-length hem makes it suitable for both casual and formal events. And hey, it might even help you identify creeps. If your date leans into your breasts and yells "Can you hear me now?" you'll know it's time to disconnect. First Date Fashion Faux Pas

On the other hand, wearing a gimmicky dress on a first date might be overkill. It could seem like you're trying too hard to impress him or be "quirky." We also wonder about the "gesture recognition technology". Does the phone make outbound calls, and if so, what's to prevent you from accidentally dialing your mother when you meant to be flirtatiously flipping your hair? And does the dress ring aloud? Won't that be awkward in a romantic restaurant? Or what if it (gasp!) vibrates? So many questions, so many hilarious possibilities.

All in all, if we could get our hands on one of these high-tech marvels, we'd have to give the cell phone dress a try. Would you?