Community Spotlight: Are Smart Women Dumb At Relationships?

woman with glasses

Why are smart women unlucky in love and what killed an online romance? Our community weighs in.

Some people say that smart people are less likely to be happy, because they know better. This week on YourTango Experts, Christine Arylo shared her experiences as a smart woman who approached relationships in a dumb way. YourTango user Kiki_LaTore related:

"This is unsettling - I'm right in the middle of getting my MBA and this line rings absolutely true: I can get a 4.0, win scholarships, study abroad, get that amazing job, become the youngest manager my company's ever had ... but ask if I believe a man will ever be interested in me, romantically? Nope."

What do you think drives this pattern? Is it that some men are intimidated by successful women? Does cultivating a good relationship go beyond being smart? Join the conversation: Why Smart Women Fail At Relationships

Over on the Ask YourTango forum, panama wonders why her hot online romance cooled off after meeting IRL:

"Hi! I have lots of doubts. I was seeing a guy for almost a month. Met him online, we were just pen pals and then we just happened to be on the same place one day, and started seeing each other frequently.We were very intense from the start, we had lots of things in common, enjoyed our conversations and had fun. We hooked up but did not have sex. All of the sudden he just stopped calling, and next thing i know he has a new girlfriend. I think he was looking for sex and when he did not have any he just ran away. Am I right?"

Do you have any advice for panama? Should she confront this guy about giving her the cold shoulder, or just move on? Is this an inevitable part of online dating