Improve your sexual image. 6 tips that will have her craving more

Improve your sexual image. 6 tips that will have her craving more

First impressions are often lasting ones. A few simple tips will make it a great one.

So you're finally dating again. It's been quite a while since your papers were signed, you've been out a few times, you've met someone you like, you're both feeling a little frisky and you finally get her back to your place. The mood is good and things are moving along nicely. The two of you stumble into the bedroom where you are hoping to give her a night she won't soon forget. You hope it will be because of the incredibly erotic and intense night of passion you'll be sharing and NOT because of the scratchy, threadbare rags you call sheets and blankets.

You want her first impression of your boudoir to be a lasting one. You want your bedroom to be a place that she yearns to return to. A place that she will dream about. The softness of the sheets, the warmth of the covers and images of her being there with you should dance in her head for days to come.

That's not going to happen if her first impression is of thin, scratchy sheets, a single pillow and a cheap top cover. And you can forget it if your room is a mess of dirty underwear, open dresser drawers and generally smells like a locker room.

A few simple tips can change all of that.

1.) Think of your bedroom as the sexiest place in the world and keep it that way.

2.) Make your bed every morning. Not just the nights you think you might get lucky. Every morning. You never know when that woman you met last week suddenly has a free lunch hour and wants to relive the magic on a whim. Be prepared.

3.) Get yourself a few good sets of sheets, pillows and blankets. 1000 thread count if you can, 600 at the minimum. You are not going to find these at Target or Walmart, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune either. You can find them online for around $100.

4.) Get rid of the TV and get some music in there. I know you probably think that your 52" LCD TV looks awesome in your bedroom. Trust me. It doesn't. It's a distraction and the number one mood kill item in a bedroom. get rid of it. Watch TV in the living room. Instead, get yourself some sex music and an iPod and make yourself a play-list you can set in motion easily. I have a remote on mine that I can activate from across the room. May I suggest a little "Golden Palominos", "Nine Inch Nails" and "Christina Aguilera" to set the mood.

5.) A few strategically placed scented candles and a means by which to light them. Not too many or you might as well have the lights on. Just one on each night stand should do it. It's for ambiance, not as a night light. I suggest something vanilla or lavender scented. Both of these are very sensual aromas. Bed, Bath & Beyond has a wide assortment to choose from at reasonable prices.

6.) Keep the unmentionables handy at all times. No... not those unmentionables. The things you shouldn't even have to discuss but should always have at the ready. Protection (condoms), a glass of cold water (refreshing and always welcome afterward) and a fresh towel (for perspiration and other fluids).

Follow these simple tips and you'll be the one complaining that you never just sit and talk anymore. All she ever wants is sex, sex, sex.

You poor lucky bastard.

Best of luck.