Spice Up Your Valentine's With These Ideas


3 Valentine's Day suggestions you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together, Valentine’s Day still has the tendency to bring out the romantic in everyone. If you’re tired of the same old dinner, date, then home to bed routine, however, here are some ways to shake it up a little bit.

Purchase Sexy Lingerie for You and Your Partner

For the ladies, go beyond the usual teddy or sheer negligee. Rather, spice it up with a sexy garter belt and red fishnet hose with a mere scrap of a bra on top. You may even want to choose a light corset with garters attached.

For the men, look beyond Speedos for ideas. Instead, try a Chippendale’s outfit (tux shirt-sleeveless of course-and bow tie) over a pair of boxer-briefs or regular boxers in silk or some other sexy fabric. The longer, less revealing bottoms will lend an air of sophistication to the ensemble, which as we all know, can be sexy itself. Valentine’s Day costumes can be an excellent way to add a dash of spice to life.

Plan a One-Night or Weekend Getaway to a Romantic Destination

This year, Valentine’s Day is on Monday, so it might be very easy to arrange this. If not, find a babysitter or beg grandparents, aunts and uncles, or anyone else to watch the children for a few hours at their house, and have a romantic interlude at your own home.

If you have to stay in, spice up your Valentine’s experience with heated oils, lubes, lotions, and other things. You can do this, anyway. These things always make the occasion a little more special. If you have to use lubrication on a regular basis, change it up for this occasion by getting a scented or flavored one.

You might want to let your partner do a “spot test” first, however, just to make sure there are no allergic reactions. Nothing will spoil the mood faster than itching or tingling, or worse, breaking out or even more severe reactions.

Strawberries and Chocolate Eaten off of Each Other

This may sound trite, kitschy, overdone, or whatever, but if it’s been a while since you’ve done this, you just might have forgotten how much fun it can be. If you're worried about the mess, throw down some old towels or put on an old set of sheets on top of towels or a removable, washable mattress cover. Afterward, take a long, hot bath or shower together to remove the last sticky residue. Make sure the bathroom has plenty of candles or subdued lighting. This might also be a good time to invest in some new luxurious towels or some romantically-scented bath or shower gel, anything to make the cleaning up more special. If this is a definite no can do, then feeding chocolate covered strawberries to each other is a great alternative for the neat freak in you.

If you’re using candles to enhance your romantic interlude, make sure you observe safety precautions. Again, nothing is more mood-killing than having to beat out a fire or having to abandon your love nest. Senior citizens, all of this can apply to you, too. The whole idea of romance is to make it fun.

Senior citizens, did you think we had forgotten about you? Why not try a few of these yourself and let us know how it turned out? Use comments to let us know.