Who Invented Monogamy?

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Ok, now I am about to say something that is potentially very controversial (but you know I thrive on

Pinkee here~ Ok, now I am about to say something that is potentially very controversial (but you know I thrive on that kind of thing).  God did not invent monogamy or, for that matter, marriage- humans did.  I’m not telling you not to be monogamous.  You surely can and may choose that if it is what feels good and right to you and your partner.  I’m simply suggesting that you make the choice (and, well, all of your choices) from a place on consciousness rather than default.

Have you ever thought about it before?  Why have you chosen monogamy and/or marriage?  Is it because you really thought about it and decided it was right for you?  Or, is it because you never thought about NOT making that choice because it was drilled into your head from a very young age that it is what people DO.  I know I, for one, chose to get married without ever thinking about any other options.  I always knew I would grow up, get married, and have kids.  That is what people do, right?  (Ok, I changed it to kid, singular, once I got the shock of what it is really like, but basically I did it!)  Then I got divorced, not because I didn’t believe in marriage, but because I was deeply unhappy.  Then I couldn’t wait to get married again.  Then I started to think for myself.  And I’ll tell you, I would never say never, but I would be willing to bet my life that I’ll never get married again.

Why?  Because I have learned some things.  First of all, I have learned that I get to make up my own life, not follow some prescribed path set out for me by society.  Also, I learned that literally every holy book on Earth was, indeed, inspired by God, and then manipulated by humans for their own gains.  For example, when Constantine was Emperor in Rome, he saw that many people were drinking, having orgies, and not therefore doing much work or  filling the coffers with tax money.  He immediately ordered his men to rewrite the Bible and give the clear message that sex is sinful.  He had to get ‘em where it counts.  He threatened them with hell and the deprivation of eternal life. All for doing something that is completely natural and in fact sacred.  And it worked. He put a stop to all that carrying on. Human beings, not God, made up the concept of “holy matrimony”.

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