Poll: What Attracts You To Someone?

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Take our survey and help us figure out what REALLY attracts one person to another.

Attraction can instantly connect two people, turning strangers into potential lovers—or even potential spouses—within seconds. While its force is difficult to fully explain, even by scientists, the power of attraction is easily detected at the physiological level through various sensations: that butterfly feeling in our stomachs, burning cheeks or an increased heart rate, just to name a few.

Given that springtime is notoriously mating season for us mammals, we've teamed up with our friends at Glo and Chemisty.com, as well as biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., to launch a survey to help us find out what really attracts people to a potential mate, and, perhaps more importantly, what keeps those fires burning year after year.

Help us by clicking the link below and filling out the questions that follow. We'll be posting the results soon.

The Power Of Attraction Survey


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