Charlie Sheen Goes On $500k Bender

Charlie Sheen Blows half million dollars on hookers and blow over the course of 6 months

Everybody knows who Charlie Sheen is. We know that he is sometimes out of control with drugs, sex and booze. According to perezhilton, Charlie Sheen went on 6 month binge of sex, booze and drugs, that cost him $500,000. If you’re a guy with this kind of money it’s probably difficult for you to say you wouldn’t be tempted. Anyway, he flew some of these women, some of which happened to be high class hookers of course, around the country in private jets and it was said that he had an endless supply of 8-balls (cocaine). He even bought a couple of these women cars.
We know that Sheen has a lot of problems and has since agreed to enter rehab, but one has to think that it is just Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen. Who knows, he may have the same genetic make up s Kieth Richards and be able to take a ridiculous amount of drugs and live until a hundred.

It’s hard to say he doesn’t have a problem, but one can ony wonder if rehab will help him this time. But hey, at least he isn’t committing marital infidelity…I think.

Do you think rehab will ever help Charlie Sheen? Can you even fathom spending $500k on a bender?

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