Will Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Make Good Parents?

Kate Hudson Matthew Bellamy

The actress and the Muse frontman are reportedly expecting a baby together.

We’ve oft opined about Kate Hudson’s addiction to rough-edged rockers, and it looks like her latest frontman, Muse singer Matt Bellamy, is no exception. According to US Magazine, Kate’s 14 weeks pregnant with Matt’s baby, and she’s "happy for Ryder [her 7-year-old son with Black Crows singer Chris Robinson] to finally have a brother or sister." To be honest, we’re still a little confused. Who is this guy? Where did he come from? And is he going to bolt as soon as a world tour comes his way?

This rapid romance may seem out of the blue, but the two met a few years ago in Australia; at the time, both were otherwise *ahem* disposed. Once they were equally unattached, the duo started hitting up music festivals, and soon, Kate was following Matt to Muse concerts across the globe. Could it have been the romantic strains of roadies that inspired these two to procreate? And we know they’ve got the bedroom antics down pat, but will they make suitable parents? Moonit’s on the case.

According to their birth date analysis, Kate (born on April 19, 1979) and Matt (born on June 9, 1978) are staring at a great big welcome sign to "Easy Street: Population 2." Nothing’s ever a sure thing, but this relationship comes pretty darn close. These two may seem like an odd-ball pairing, but they’ve got the "potential to prove all of us wrong." When they teamed up, "the Earth moved, the heavens shook, and Matthew McConaughey turned down what would have been his 49,000th romantic comedy."

With "that much power behind them," they can be "quite the intimidating couple." What’s their secret? "Neither one of them has to change his/her life to be around the other, so there’s no fighting over the DVR or who’s going to which family’s Thanksgiving this year." When they’re together, it’s "almost never annoying, and when they’re not physically together, they always manage to stay on the same page."

To top it off, Kate and Matt have "passion to spare and aren’t afraid of a little PDA." Although he has a tendency to "blow a gasket," Kate’s "constant support and admiration prevent that from happening whenever she’s around." With her approval, Matt’s "able to be the least irate version of himself." We just hope she’ll be able to tame Matt’s explosive side while chasing after a toddler and a tween…

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