Do you know the different types of Orgasm's Women can have?

Do you know the different types of Orgasm's Women can have?

I decided to bring some of the conversation from Facebook over to the blog to allow the ladies to comment and share anonymously. Protecting your identity is important to me and I totally understand this. Some of us may not want co-workers, our managers, or clients to see what we are talking about... So here is your opportunity to just say what you want, how you want with out anyone knowing it is you.

Here is what has been discussed thus far on the Tajahi Facebook Page: Tajahi Facebook Page:

I have heard that there are up to 10 different types of Orgasm a woman can have; I am going to discuss a few and I want the ladies to add to the list via discussion:

  • Clitoral - you achieve this through either your own manual stimulation, oral stimulation from your partner or via stimulation during sex.
  • G-Spot - you can achieve this through toy play, your partner using his hand and stimulating this area, or while having sex in certain positions.... Check the blog on Female Ejaculation Female Ejaculation and the best position to achieve orgasm the best position to achieve orgasm in my prior blogs.
  • Anal - We have a prostate gland that can be stimulated through anal sex that can bring us to orgasm... ... I will write about this in a blog soon
  • Blended Orgasm - this is when you have a combo/double orgasm from two of our hotspots... for example c-spot and g-spot or g-spot and anal, or c-spot and g-spot...
  • Pressure - this comes from just pressing against your hot spot...

Tension - I have heard of women having orgasms from having their hair washed in the salon... lol... poor stylists....