What's Worse: Cheating Or Atheism?

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The holidays inspire us to think about whether we believe in God. I don't.

As an atheist, it's nice to know that I'm less likely to ever become president than a devout Christian who's cheated on his wife with everything that moves. Apparently, to the majority of the right-leaning crowd, cheating on your spouse is okay, while not believing in God, well, that's the type of malarkey that gets one sent straight to Hell.

Hypocrites much? Even as an atheist, I know the Ten Commandments better than some conservative folks.

Gleeden.com — "the first extramarital dating site made by women" (Ed.: OH GOD, MAKE IT STOP) — recently conducted a study to see exactly where Republicans fell when it came to cheating versus not believing in God. First of all, 70% of those surveyed felt that the key to a long marriage was infidelity; which, unsurprisingly, supports their website's entire concept. This already makes me suspicious of the study's overall reliability... Also, how one can justify cheating and call themselves a God-fearing Christian is not for me to understand, but instead, for me to judge — and I'm judging. I'm judging a lot you "do as I say, not as I do" people.

The study also found that 61% would only support a candidate who believes in God, while only less than half, at 46%, would not support a candidate who's had an extramarital affair. An even higher amount, at 49%, felt that whether a candidate had cheated would have no bearing on their decision to vote for them. So if you prefer escort girls over your devoted wife, but still make it to church on Sundays and declare your faith in Jesus to everyone who will listen, you're golden! God, I hate America.

Last I checked, my atheism doesn't actually hurt anyone. Of course, members of the religious right would suggest I'm hurting myself, since I'm guaranteed eternal damnation for my beliefs, but hey, I'm willing to take that chance. I bet there are excellent parties in Hell. On the other hand, if I were married, and especially with kids, I'm damn certain that my infidelity would hurt more people than just myself. My husband, my children, our lives — everything would be destroyed, and even if they chose to forgive me, that trust would be forever broken. So how is atheism worse than cheating again? Our country has such warped morals and values. That's it, I'm moving to Sweden. 

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