Is Being A Bad Cook A Relationship Dealbreaker?

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Bitchin in the kitchen: 5 tips to make your guy swoon over your cooking, with minimal effort.

I have to admit that as much as I love the idea of cooking, it can be exhausting to prepare meals from scratch all the time if you also have a job and a life. Some days, tinkering around in the kitchen feels relaxing, and if you're in a relationship, what's more romantic than cooking up a meal your partner will love? But other times, I just want to read a book or listen to music while munching on takeout. With all the shopping, prep work and cleaning, there goes a huge chunk of your day. Am I right? Anyway, I was inspired by this post on The Frisky, in which Jessica Wakeman polled some dudes about whether it really matters if, and how well, a woman can cook. It seems that, well yes, it matters: It's one of those pesky things you can't get around, like shaving your legs or paying rent every month. 

So I polled the YourTango team: What can you do to make yourself look like a better cook with a little less effort? Here's what they had to say. We hope these tips will help you save some time, which you can use to shave your legs... or read a book. Or do both of those things simultaneously, not that I've ever done that, nope, never... Alright, just don't tell our boyfriends about these.

1. Have a few go-to staples that you can make really well, whether they're simple or complicated. 

2. Be really whimsical. Adding brown sugar, cinnamon or cayenne pepper to food almost always makes it taste better, and makes you look creative.

3. Make a really interesting sauce and pour it over some basic chicken. A "complicated" sauce takes much less time to prepare than an entire complicated meal. I made a to-die-for chocolate mole sauce in 20 minutes last Sunday; all you need is a teaspoon of cocoa, a can of Campbell's, some onions and spices. 

4. Stick to baking. It's hard to mess up cookies.

5. And when all else fails, buy the "homemade" salsa and put it in a bowl. Same with meatballs. Same with an infinite number of foods.

Tell us: Do you like cooking for your guy? Or does he cook for you? Do you think it's important for a woman to know how to cook, or is that an antiquated notion?

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