Love Bytes: How To Spot An Emotional Vampire

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Plus, have we entered the age of the groomzilla? Also, you can become very horny from rabies.

And now, for a little news of the weird. A woman acquired rabies and from there became quite libidinous. Interesting, right? There's a similar thing called toxoplasmosis, in which a parasite causes men to become aggressive and highly sexualized and for women to become weirdly compliant. Sounds like Sammi and Ronnie, right? (The Frisky)

Have you ever recycled a boyfriend? We've all been a little tipsy and stared at our phone (please cue "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum) and thought, "I could get back with old [insert name of most dearly held former lover]." But some people actually go through with it. (Skirt)

Some men peruse porn. Some men have porn habits. And some men are addicted to it. You should understand what your guy's relationship is with flesh flicks. (Em & Lo) And I suppose some guys don't watch porn at all, I guess.

Evidently, we've entered the age of the groomzilla. May Todd have mercy on our souls. (Betty Confidential)

Moving in together without getting married first, anyone? Sure, you save on rent, but you may be spending (emotionally) on something else. Can't live with 'em… (Crushable)

You know who else you can't live with? Vampires. They will suck your blood. Emotional vampires are almost as bad as real ones. (MSN Glo)

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