Survey Says Only 6% Of Single People Are Unhappy

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Plus, studies show that women are much better at being single than men.

Leave it to the experts at to climb into the brains of singles all over the country and come up with some very interesting facts when it comes to the lovely state of being single. They surveyed 5,000 single Americans to see just how they felt about their non-relationship status, and found that only 6 percent called themselves "unhappy." Refreshing, isn't it? Singles between 55-64 and 21-34 were found to be the happiest of all the age ranges surveyed, with women being more content in their single status than men.

A recent study from dating site showed that 64 percent of single men are more productive in the workplace when they're in a relationship, while 53 percent of single women who said that their work ethic either took a dive or stayed "unchanged" when they were coupled up. Taking both of these studies into consideration, it looks as though men just may be the needier of the genders! Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

So in honor of National Singles Week (if you didn't know it was singles week, you are not paying attention to our site!), I spoke with relationship expert Whitney Casey about the survey, and tried to find out exactly why it seems that women can swing the single thing much easier than men:

"Women are good at interpersonal relationships and aren't afraid to tap their army of girlfriends when needed," Casey explained. "And women aren't afraid to do things on their own, either. She's not reliant on a man to get her out of the house — her calendar is already booked."

Out of the singles surveyed by Match, 38 percent "cited loneliness as a cause of stress." As someone who is single, and actually revels in it, I can't understand how this could possibly cause stress for anyone. Casey explained:

"Those pesky 'You've got so much going for you, why are you still single?' questions will grate on anyone's nerves. Eventually, you don't even want to hang around your Aunt Suzanne or your best friend and her husband because you know the topic of your single status will come up at least three times over what was supposed to be a relaxing dinner. And like it or not, those questions do stress singles out. Although friends and family can have the best intentions, sometimes they can be the biggest stressors." 100 Best Things About Being Single: Part 1 of 5 [GALLERY]

I've been single for longer than I care to admit. While I occasionally go on dates — mostly setups because my introverted personality keeps from being even remotely approachable — I'm very content. I feel empowered by my singlehood. Yes, I'm reminded quite often by friends who have married and my aunt (it's always the aunt in these cases, isn't it?) that my eggs won't last forever, so I better step it up and take a leap into the love pool; but it's just not a major concern of mine. 

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I've been in love twice in my life. I've been told I was "the one who got away," that I was someone's soulmate, and more than a few times I've had someone stand outside my apartment throwing rocks at my window. Granted, he wasn't in a trench coat and blaring Peter Gabriel a la Lloyd Dobler, but it's happened, and although he was the wrong person for me, at least I can say I have had a few of those moments. I know what love is, I know what it feels like to have my heart broken (quite often actually), so right now, I'm happy in my single life. I may be alone, but I'm not lonely, and sometimes I think single people might not see the difference between those two words and their meanings.