The Return Of Alice AND Timmy

Love, Self

Alice and Timmy are back with more relationship advice for Facebook.

I love the tropes of the 1950s. I could watch Back To The Future or Happy Days any day of the week ("Sunday, Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. The weekend comes, the cycle hums. Ready to race to YOU!"). I love the clothes, the hairdos, the optimism tinged with burgeoning class and the sameness ain't lameness approach to architecture. And earnest Americana? Don't even get me started. I'm seriously an eyelash away from driving to Branson, Missouri and pitching my iPhone out the window when I hit city limits.

The All-American [Young Adult] and the [Young Adult] Next Door embodied a popular archetype that was nearly a stand-in for what it meant to live in the Post-War age. And advances in technology made that era very exciting (space!), very scary (atomic bombs!), very silly (Mr. Potato Head!), very prophylactic (the pill!) and very media-y (transistor radio! video tape! synthesizers!). While all of these things were brilliantly emblematic of the era, the instructional video (by Coronet, for sheez) really put a bow on the whole shooting match. Top 10 Facebook Etiquette Rules

With that in mind, we produced a phenomenal video last year using the instructional video to show people how to not be such a boner on Facebook. The video took off and the main characters, Alice and Timmy, became household names. There is literally not a household in America that doesn't know the names Alice and Timmy. Despite the video's ominous ending, we felt the Alice and Timmy story wasn't over. To that regard (and because we LOVE the idealized 1950s), we've created a 14-part video series about how Alice and Timmy met and what technology SHOULD have been like 50 years ago.

Because we love our Facebook users, we've decided to offer the series exclusively on Facebook. Like us and you can watch this one-of-a-kind series whenever you want. Find out how Alice and Timmy really got together and what lead to his hilarious imprisonment on Communism charges. Below is the trailer and HERE is our very first Episode on the Electric Friendship Generator!

PS: If you've ever wondered what I look and sound like, a lot like Timmy Gordon.