Could JLo's Movies Ruin Your Relationship?

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JLo's booty gets in the way of a beautiful relationship.

Anyone out there sit through the film Monster In Law and not want to do something incredibly destructive to the person who made them see it? Of course not, we're all good people here. But you can imagine that a man might fly off the handle if he's forced to watch Enough or Maid In Manhattan and positively lose his mind if he can't escape The Wedding Planner (if they remade A Clockwork Orange, this may be part of the torture). But you don't ever expect a lady to raisin her grapes over a Jennifer Lopez film.

Per The Smoking Gun, a woman in Santa Rosa (yes, of course it's Florida) went bananacakes when her husband was interested in watching a Jennifer Lopez film (it wasn't Out Of Sight, which was an inarguably worthwhile film). Because he insisted on watching a J. Lo film, she felt obligated to (allegedly) set fire to his go-kart, boat and some of his personal effects. And it wasn't a matter of having decent taste that caused the Floridian to go Stephen King's Firestarter on his ass, rather, his belongings. Nope, this firebug from the Sunshine State was just jealous that the husband may prefer J. Lo's bootiliciousness. A request to scootch over in the marital bed was the last straw. She seems to have put two and two together in a case of bad math and took that to mean that she had too large of a bottom… though you and I would think that his love of J. Lo would make him want to keep a full-seated woman as close as possible. Fighting Over The Little Things

At some point, it was said she threatened to euthanize the family's dogs. Just another day down amongst the palm trees, shade, oranges and gators.

What actor or actress's films would cause you to blow a fuse and torch a loved one's things? For me it might be anything in which Adrian Brody plays a tough guy. Thoughts?

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