4 Love Lessons From The Jake And Vienna Interview

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Learn from Bachelor Jake and Vienna: in a he said/she said breakup, don’t say anything at all.

This week on The Bachelorette, Ali brought her final five men, as well as viewers—vicariously, of course—to picturesque Portugal to determine who would be most deserving of a hometown date.

We discovered last night that toned landscaper Chris L. is actually a real softie at heart, world traveler Frank actually lives at home with his parents (we knew there was something about him) and dreamboat Roberto looks good in any lighting (yes, we’re slightly biased).

However, the most "shocking and dramatic" revelation of the night came during the Bachelor reunion special interview with former Bachelor lovebirds Jake and Vienna: Jake is a huge jerk!

In the ugliest televised breakup we've seen in a while, the formerly suave, debonair bachelor revealed himself to be controlling, quick-tempered, seemingly heartless and frankly, a bit of a sociopath. Though Vienna was certainly a controversial pick at the end of last season, her tears were the ones of a woman obviously very hurt by the man she felt would be her husband. 4 Signs A Guy Is Too Good To Be True

Apparently, Jake became distant, moody and unaffectionate—so much so that Vienna told host Chris Harrison she had to ask him to kiss her. She also claimed that Jake withheld sex from her because he said he was "fasting." But the physical connection wasn't all that was lacking. Vienna accused Jake of failing to communiate with her and never making an effort in the relationship.

When asked why she chose to sell the breakup story to the media—she reportedly sold the story to Star for $90,000—Vienna explained that she wanted to be sure that she had a voice in the whole matter. Right. Although we're Team Vienna—if that's true, why not give her story away for free?

When a relationship ends, it's natural to want to mention your loser ex to whoever will listen, but it may not necessarily be for the best. The following are some lies you might tell yourself to defend your trash-talkin', and our reasons why you should stop, drop the issue and simply walk away. (For all you guys who have been wronged by a lady love, just swap the gender, you should hear this, too.) The Idea That Could Change The Way We Break Up

1. "He hurt me, and he needs to pay."
We hate to break it to you, but if a man breaks up with you and shows no remorse for breaking your heart at the time, no amount of badmouthing will force him to do it either.  Besides, his true punishment is the fact that he no longer has the privilege of spending his time with such a beautiful, independent, intelligent and resilient woman. Repeat after us: A beautiful, independent, intelligent and resilient woman—the kind of woman that doesn't need an apology or an ex's damaged reputation to feel good about herself.