Bahrain Novelty Shop Avoids Censure

sex shop sign
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Maybe Khadija Ahmed will help the region lighten up a bit about sex toys.

When most of us think "novelty" shop, we think whoopee cushions, stink bombs and other gag gifts. But there is another type of novelty shop that traffics in products that are a bit more personal. I'm referring to those objects that run on batteries and go somewhere very intimate.

Yep, we're talking Ben Wa balls, tingly oils and vibrating doodads. Items that have already hit the mainstream in the U.S. and most European countries, but which are still frowned upon in more strict cultures. But happily, per Yahoo! News, the typically-straitlaced Bahrain is loosening up about this stuff.

Khadija Ahmed is the proprietress of a joint called Khadija Fashion House, in a town called Manama. She moves all manner of ointments, fun lingerie and playful but inescapable restraints, but does not sell those items that more closely resemble genitals (dildos, vibrators, pocket you-know-whats), because she is a religious woman, after all. Meet Heba Kotb, Egypt’s Dr. Ruth of the Muslim World

Ms. Ahmed has faced scrutiny from the Bahraini authorities, but has thus far avoided disciplinary action. Because, although they forbid penis-shaped tchotchkes, religious scholars evidently have no problem allowing married couples to frolic about with other sex toys

A few of the nations on the Arabian peninsula, including Bahrain, are far less conservative than their Saudi neighbors, and are slightly more likely to let some things, like alcohol consumption and pretty pink handcuffs, slide as long as they're done used closed doors and no one is, say, boning on the beach. Sex On The Beach A Dubai No-No

This sounds like a victory, right? Do you think Khadija Ahmed sounds like a real Samantha or what?