What Constitutes a Good Fantasy?

What Constitutes a Good Fantasy?

How much trouble would your fantasy get you into?

In defense of fantasies big, small and sports related, I write this reflection.  I guess that making up ideas about "what could be" might cause some problems for some couples.  To which, I say, that fantasies can help you hone in on and release emotions if you do, indeed, have the right outlet.  A grown man wanting to run a professional sports team really isn't that bad considering all of the other ideas fantasies could include.  Here are some ideas about what things make up a fantasy.

The Person
Any of my relatives could tell you that if I ever were to end up on a deserted tropical island, wandering aimlessly, with perfect hair, I would (no doubt) find Alex Rodriguez walking the breaking waves carrying a blender.  Well, the morning after, his cell phone washes up onto the beach, starts ringing and it will be his daughters telling him to start walking east, then he actually sprints that way. Almost simultaneously, the cruise ship that I apparently fell out of gently approaches in the beautiful ocean behind me and I'm saved!  What?  There's nothing wrong with a lost married woman sharing a few tropical fruits, on a hot, yet breezy tropical island with a divorced baseball player, is there?

Is there a quality, quantity or level of acquaintance limit to the person/people in your fantasies?  Hmm?  Next.

The Place
I really don't think that I'll be getting busy on the field of the Georgia Dome like Ludacris wants to (from his song What's Your Fantasy) or anything, but if you're going to dream about traveling, dream big.  Mine are pretty modest and don't think that they are illegal.  (But maybe) I might have one that has something to do with the flatbed of an awesome truck on the way to Las Vegas or a motorcycle on the beach, Top Gun style.  Anyway, a good destination might make for a more plausible fantasy, but I guess that would be up to your partner. 

Could you bond more with somebody by making an effort to have their fantasy (at least the location) come true?

The Sensation
This component to a fantasy is perhaps the most exciting, yet the most dangerous.  The only way that I can explain this is, that sometimes people like to feel the rush of conquest or the satisfaction of just doing something opposite of what they are used to.  I guess that the safest way to fulfill a "I want something different" fantasy is to role play.  But, what if somebody would rather just go after somebody different? 

So what are the options about just wanting a rush? 

The Dingy Ones

I figure that if I'm going to fantasize about men, I might as well make it pretty crazy.  I would love to play all sorts of card and dart games with all my favorite comedians.  I figure that we all would just laugh our asses off, and that most of them would figure out cheap cheesy ways to hit on me. There's nothing I can really do about this idea, but it entertains me. 

What do you think fantasies are good for?  What would you say is so fun about them?