Compatibility Quotient: Do you Belong Together?

Compatibility Quotient: Do you Belong Together?

You’ve got the glow. And you’re still feeling the heady high
of new love. But you’ve been dating a few months and you’re starting to wonder:
Do we really have a future together?


Good for you! After a couple of months of getting to know
each other, it’s time to take an honest look at real compatibility. Because there’s little sense in wasting time in
a dead-end relationship when what you truly crave is genuine love.


It’s important to realize that love really can be blind and
it’s easy to haphazardly slide into a new relationship, riding the wave of
happy hormones. But you don’t want to go too far, too fast before making an
honest assessment about whether your bond has what it takes to go the distance.


Around the 3-month mark, take a moment to settle into your
heart and see what the real answers are to these Red Flag Compatibility
. They will give you a sense of your Compatibility Quotient.


These 3 areas are so important to future relationship
satisfaction, that if your answer is wishy-washy, it’s a red flag, telling you
to slow down and proceed with caution.


3 Red Flag
Compatibility Questions


1. Do we naturally need
the same levels of affection?


People vary in the level of physical and verbal affection
they need to feel loved.


If you’re a match, you’ll easy make each other feel adored,
cementing your bond for the long haul.


If there is a mis-match- it’s a critical situation, because
one person will always feel insecure, pursuing the other for signs of love.
While the other partner is constantly retreating to a safe distance, feeling


Don’t ignore this pivotal sign, because it’s not going to


2. Are you
comfortable being totally yourself around your partner?


After a few months, it’s time to let your hair down and let
your partner see your less than pretty side. Do they still accept you, even
with your demons out of the closet? Are they able to love the whole package of you?


Or, instead do you feel the need to hide certain pieces of
yourself, or change to meet their standards? If so, it’s time to bail- because
you are a gift, just the way you are.  


3. Do you feel like
part of a team- like together, you could handle anything?


Great partners develop a strong sense of partnership, where
you feel like you do most things better together! There’s a trusting feeling of
“I’ve got your back.” Plus, you easily bring out the best in each other, so
really, you are better together.


If you too easily to slip onto opposing teams, quickly get
defensive with each other, or argue over even little things that require
cooperation, it’s a sign that you don’t naturally play well together- something
every bond needs to thrive over time.


So, the next time you find yourself falling head over heels,
put the brakes on long enough to examine your deep, underlying compatibility.
If you assess how right you really are for each other, before you’ve professed your undying love, you’ll stay on track to
finding true love in record time!

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