8 Love Tips From Mommy Bloggers

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Mom knows best, so we polled mommy bloggers for their best love and relationship tips and advice.

She knew what she was talking about when she told you to finish your milk and eat your spinach. You swore you'd never talk to her again when she wouldn't let you leave the house in that sheer shirt and bra but, really, she saved you the embarrassment. You hated wearing gloves, a hat and scarf when it was snowing out, but you stayed warm, right? Right. Mom probably knows a thing or two about love, as well—He's teasing you, because he has a crush on you; you're not in love, you're fourteen! Flowers are a way to a gal's heart. Here, eight mommy bloggers lend some advice.

1. Love Ain't Always A To-Die-For Martini
Any good relationship takes work. Sometimes, everything is wonderful, but not every day can be tulips and a perfectly mixed martini. Newsflash: you won't always agree with your significant other. Sometimes, you will argue and pout. It's OK! What's important is that you are honest and try to respect each other's feelings.
—Sarah Caron, Sarah's Cucina Bella

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2. Married With Children? You Need A Date Night!
Even though two parents who shall remain nameless happen to lead crazy-busy lives, it is still important for them to find time to talk, make dinner together and even (GASP!) kiss—all in a child-free zone. Oh, and love means taking out the garbage, but I'm still working on that one with my husband.
—Ellen, To The Max

3. No Settling, Ya Hear?
It's important to stay true to yourself, and to never, ever, ever settle for simply "good enough." Young men and women alike are beautiful and smart and strong and complete all on their own—adding a relationship to one's life should only enhance that wonderful, unique mix and never diminish any part of it. And remember, things work both ways—ain't nothin' more important than mutual respect, baby.
—Darcy, Mommy Pie

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4. Love Endures Sickness and Pain
Love isn't just the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you're falling in love. It's not all flowers, kisses and marking "In a relationship" on your Facebook page. The moment I knew how deeply my man loved me was when he showed up at my bedside in the oncology ward, unannounced and in the middle of the day, just because he wanted to sit near me as I underwent five days of chemotherapy. Now that's love.
—Jen Singer, MommaSaid.net