Steven Seagal Sued For Sexual Abuse & Harassment

Steven Seagal
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Kayden Nguyen claims that she was unwittingly hired to be Seagal's "sex toy."

Kayden Nguyen, a 23-year-old former model, has slapped action movie star Steven Seagal with a million dollar lawsuit for sexual harassment, assault and trafficking.

According to Kayden's story, she answered a Craigslist ad for an Executive Assistant position, which she was told entailed performing basic clerical duties for Steven Seagal and his production team in Los Angeles, as well as New Orleans during filming of Steven Segal: Lawman. After being interviewed twice by Steven in the same day, Kayden was told she had the job and to immediately pack her things in order to board a private jet to New Orleans. Nothing was really out of the ordinary until Steven turned to Kayden as the plane was taking off and said, "I'm a family man, and I live with my wife, but she wouldn't care if you were my lover. My wife wouldn't mind if you and I had a sexual relationship." Flirting At Work: When Is It Sexual Harassment?

If that wasn't enough to make Kayden want to grab the nearest parachute and bail out, she certainly had reason to worry when she was told that she would be living in Steven's house. But she said she assumed that the entire production staff would be living there and so decided to take a "wait and see attitude." 

That attitude only got her stuck in a "remote, rural" house outside of New Orleans with Steven, his wife and child, the nanny, and two female Russian "attendants," whom Kayden discovered were there to cater to Steven's sexual demands. Apparently, it was one of those girls who recently quit (oh, to be a fly on the wall during that exit interview) and that was the position Kayden was expected to fill. After three harrowing incidents with Steven (including two requests for a "massage" that ended in him attacking and forcibly fondling her) and no response to her complaints or requests to be returned to L.A., Kayden "escaped" by telling Steven that she was going to visit some family members who were visiting from out of town. Kayden fled the house in a cab, leaving behind "everything of value she owned," including clothes, makeup and a laptop, which she claims are basically being held for ransom until she agrees to sign an agreement not to sue.

So much to say about this crazy story...where to begin? First, we don't doubt for one second that Steven Seagal is this kind of disgusting scumbag. Seriously, he left his first wife in Japan and married another chick in the States before his divorce was even finalized. Then, while he was still with wife #2, he knocked up Kelly LeBrock, whom he eventually married. Then Kelly divorced him because he was having an affair with the nanny, who's now his newest wife. Yeah, like he told Kayden, he's a real family man.

But then, how believable is Kayden? Unfortunately, the bevy of celebrity mistresses and accusers motivated purely by money have made us very suspicious of stuff like this. Honestly, what woman agrees to keep a job after being sexually propositioned by her boss and finding out that she has to live with him? It's not like she was kidnapped. She claimed "they" wouldn't let her leave, but she was free to roam around Steven's house. And she had a cell phone and a laptop! Why did she wait three days before contacting someone to help her? Most strange of all was that, in her official complaint, Kayden said that her bedroom didn't have a door, but apparently Steven never took advantage of that. All of the alleged attacks took place when she complied with his requests for massages. Did she really think that fell within her job description? If it's OK for cleaning women to refuse to do windows, it's certainly OK for assistants to refuse to do their bosses.

Whatever the case, we won't be surprised if this story follows the typical path: several more "sex toys" come forward, Steven Seagal enters sex rehab, and someone gets a reality show.