Holiday Love Advice: Treat Your Man Like A Christmas Cookie

Gingerbread couple
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He might spend more time running from women than chasing them, but he's too irresistible.

So, he's cute...kind of crunchy and exciting on the outside like when you two go to parties. Yet, when you're alone, he actually has a delicious little soft spot that's barely more childlike than it is poetic. You'd love to smother him in kisses every morning, but you know that would probably just make you look needy and overbearing, so how do you show him that you want him to stay without chasing him away? If you stay too far away, he's too cute, sociable and funny to not get scooped up by somebody else. If you jump ahead of yourself and stake a claim that he's not into dealing with, you could send him running. Here's my common knowledge on what makes a gingerbread man want to be simply your man:

First: Don't break off his legs!
The obvious trick to catch him would be to cripple him so he can’t run away. Like any other low shots, it will not work on anybody smart. A man that’s charming and funny that has half a brain will not want a girl who’s constantly calling him or trying to keep him by her side all the time. Part of what makes charming people so charming is that they socialize often and rarely become "out of practice," so if you want him to stay happy, don’t try to run his life just yet. A gingerbread man will not stick around to slowly be eaten.

Second: Give him chaps.
If you like a guy who likes to look sweet and vibrant everywhere he goes, um…he likes attention, and he also wants to see you laugh. This stuff puts a swing in his step, so if you want him to love stepping toward you, go ahead and humor him a little more than you would do others. I’m a super big sucker for humor so this comes natural to me, but I know that there are many a cynical gals out there, so I’m just throwing it out there. In the latest Shrek movie, Gingy is proudly getting a set of chaps from the baker, exclaiming that he’s always wanted them. Think of it that way…actually handing him the icing on the cookie that he’s asking for when he tries to make you laugh gives him a sense of pride. A proud gingerbread man doesn’t want to jump out the window. The heat of the kitchen has made him look good.

Last: Don’t forget to sugar coat the gumdrops.
It’s the season to be kind, polite and giving, isn’t it? Let your gingerbread man know that he’s going to want to stick around by showing how considerate you are. Remind him where his candy is coated by finding out what his favorite sensations are. Whether it be food, music or anything of the intimate persuasion, gifts are good, and his favorites can quickly turn you in his favor. If he ever had any other options, nobody’s going to come close to the attention to detail you have. Temptation is good sometimes and if you sweeten his deal, it will be hard for him not to want it.

Make your holidays a little brighter by winning over a hot and toasty man that looks like he’s bound to get away. Best Wishes.

What have you tried to catch a guy that you really wanted?