Love Bytes: Are Women Responsible For The Glass Ceiling?


Plus Glo's most eligible bachelors, instructions on how to make cheesy pick-up lines work & others

10 Must-Click Links for featuring posts from Glo, lemondrop, Asylum, The Frisky, College Candy, Double X, BlissTree, Aol Health, Huffington Post Living and Em & Lo. Enjoy!

Glo's list of the most eligible bachelors. [Glo

"If you're broke and uneducated, here's more good news: Your chances of getting married aren't as good as your rich, learned counterparts." [lemondrop]

According to researchers at the University of Kansas "those who flirt in an outgoing, physical manner attract shorter relationships than those who take a more laid-back and sincere approach to courting." [Asylum]

Don't let such a family-oriented time of year be so stressful—here are 8 tips for couples who want to survive the holidays together. [The Frisky]

Why college guys act the way they do. [College Candy]

Creeping up on three months now, Slate's Jessica Olien is living in the Netherlands, and has noticed that Dutch women "work less, have lesser titles and a big gender pay gap." Yet, they apparently love it... [Double X]

Harvard researchers have found a positive correlation between concentration levels and degrees of happiness. (One of the examples is sex: when doin' it, you're not only really, really happy (usually), but you're not really concentrating on anything other than doin' it either. [BlissTree]

Stephanie Tweito Jacob of Aol Health discusses the importance of teaching children at a young age how to have healthy relationships. After all, "relationships are both the biggest source of happiness and the biggest source of unhappiness in most adults' lives." [Aol Health]

Attorney Kelly Valen writes for the Huffington Post on why women shouldn't blame glass ceilings, sexism and misogyny on men entirely. [Huffington Post Living]

Cheesy pick-up lines may not only work in romantic comedies. According to Em & Lo, you can actually pull 'em off... [Em & Lo]