Lying About Your "Number" & A Girl From Canada


Timmy Gordon's Canadian girlfriend exists! Or does she?

When it comes to dating, people manage to skirt the truth. Periodically they to have a better job than they really do. Once in a while they have fuzzy recollections over how an argument may've begun. Sometimes they put their best face [sic] forward and end up being pretty lame sauce when the getting-to-know-the-real-you phase begins. Occassionally, they'll "misremember" the exact rationale behind a breakup or non-occuring second date. And every now and again they will lie about who or how many people they've dated or sexed up. How Many People Have You Slept With?

The last issue seems a little banana-biscuits in the light of day. But a guy will tell a gal that he's slept with fewer women than he has so she can rest easy that he doesn't have a venereal infection. And a filly will tell a fellow that she's slept with more men than she really has so he knows she's really good in bed. I've seen it a million times. But the really weird thing is that sometimes a girl will tell all of her friends that she slept with a dude so they're all impressed with her but that dude's reputation may suffer as a result. I've seen it a million times and it still doesn't make any sense. But the weirdest part of it all is that when a guy (or girl) has to scramble to think of who they lost their still intact virginity to, it's always a girl from Canada. Maybe not always, but at least in The Breakfast Club.

That's why we decided that Timmy Gordon's last girlfriend, one Sandy Cavanaugh, would be from Canada and maybe their relationship, though existent, wasn't exactly what Timmy remembered. If you don't know Timmy Gordon is, check out this new video series from YourTango available exclusively on Facebook.

It the story of a pair of young adults in the 1950s trying to figure out love, live and everything in between with the help of a little out-of-time technology. It's the continuation of our Webby Honored Facebook Manners And You!

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