1 In 4 Americans Are Too Tired For Sex

too tired for sex
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It seems one out of four Americans are too tired to have sex and would rather sleep.

Sigh. It's been another long day and your feet hurt. By the time the TV is off, the dishes are washed, and you've donned a pair of baggy sweatpants, the only thing on your mind is making love.

To your pillow, that is.

Well, we know the feeling, and according to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation one in four Americans who are married or living with someone do too. Yes, that's right; nearly 25 percent of the population is so sleep-deprived that they frequently find themselves skimping on sex in favor of slumber. Sleep: The New Battle Of The Sexes

What a shame.

The Sleep In America poll focused on the differences in sleep habbits between ethnic groups. It sampled 1,007 adults aged 25-60, and respondents across the board confessed to frequently feeling too tired for sex. (21 - 26 percent of the time). Not Tonight: What's Behind Your Lackluster Libido

What this really means is that we are a country of over-worked, over-tired, insomniacs who might as well sleep in twin beds. Work Vs. Love: A Man's Case For Putting Work First

But that doesn't have to be the case! Your bed need not be forming icicles. With a few tweaks to your schedule, as well as your mind-set, you can have that bed rockin' once more.

1. Add A Second Course

By the time we get home after work we're usually ravenous. So we know that dinner is at the top of the list of evening activities for you and your dearest. But who says you need to go right from dinner, to the television, to sleep? You still have a little appetite left? Sometimes we fall into the habit of grouping sex with sleep... and we know which one tends to lose out. Instead, try deviating from your normal after-dinner routine and substitute lounging on the couch with a romp in the bedroom. 

2. A Little Drinky-Drink

There's nothing wrong with having a little wine with dinner or while you're watching American Idol. Having a little bit of alcohol could be just what you need to knock down those "I have to be up with the kids in five hours" inhibitions and get your libido going. That doesn't mean you should do car bombs... we don't want you to be messy. A glass or two should do the trick. 5 Signs Drinking Is Hurting Your Dating Life