Twitter Top 10: Advice Columnists To Follow

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Follow these tweeps on Twitter if you can't get enough of their expert advice.

I know... I know... we provide you with all the sex, love and dating advice you could ever possibly need. But if you're looking to feed your advice addiction off-site, there are a number of advice columnists we suggest who don't just answer questions but also tweet! Here, we present you with some of our favorites. Because a limited number of printed columns is not enough.

1. @ejeancarroll

The well-known E. Jean Carroll is a popular advice columnist for Elle magazine. While she covers a wide range of topics, we stick around for her sex and dating advice because of her biting sense of humor. But once-a-month is not—as mentioned above—enough, so we also follow her Twitter feed for her witty one-liners. Ashley Dupre Pens Advice Column

Sample Tweet: Oh! John Edwards is back on the market! Anybody want to date him? Anybody? . . . Anybody?

2. @StarshineRosheL

Starshine is a Santa Barbara-based columnist, and the author of Keep Your Skirt On, a collection of her best columns. She tweets about her day-to-day, her buzz-worthy events, and interesting news items.

Sample Tweet: Lovin' large? Polyamorists are bucking monogamy, and bucking it good.

3. @DanandJennifer

This dynamic duo answers all your love and sex questions, and also RTs the best of what's been said around the web.

Sample Tweet: 1001 Best Places to Have Sex: #337 At You Local Arboretum #sendible

4. @emandlo

This pair provides advice, news, and stories about sex and love. They used to write a regular column for, but now host the goods on their own mega-web platform.

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Sample Tweet: We like the Superbowl for the ads; now Focus on the Family has gone and ruined that. Guess we'll just have to wash our hair instead.