What To Ask On A First Date

What To Ask On A First Date
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What you say during your first date will make or break
your potential relationship. When ask the right first date questions you're
increasing your chances of attracting her
and going on future dates.

In essence the questions you ask is the most important aspect of your first

So what are the best first date questions?

Well I can tell you there is one type of question that DESTROYS your chances of
creating a great first date...

It's the type of question which is boring!

Let me explain...

Great first dates involve conversations which build attraction and rapport.
Therefore, your first date questions help your chances of increasing
attraction. By using boring questions, you're doing nothing to create

In fact, if you're date is more like a job interview then two people enjoying
yourself, then your chances of building attraction is minimal. Therefore you
must know what questions to ask on your first date.

To help you out, here are a few first date questions you should ask during your

1- Ask 'what would you do' questions

One method for drawing out a woman's personality is to ask her situational

For instance you could ask: "What would do if you became rich and never
had to work again?"

Asking questions like this can create interesting conversations, while showing
you're a deep thinker. If you're having trouble thinking of 'what would you do'
questions, then grab a copy of "The Book of Questions" by Gregory

2- Talk about her dreams and aspirations

Women love to talk about their dreams and aspirations.

When you're on your first date, ask about the things she's always wanted to do.
Once you do this, you'll make a connection to something where she has intense

What's great is when you discuss her dreams her feelings will be transferred to
you. Basically you're creating rapport by making a connection to something she

3- Ask About Hobbies and Interests

Women (and men) love to talk about their passions. If you can ask a woman about
things she loves, she'll start talking about her hobbies with a very positive
attitude. As a result, she'll start to transfer these positive emotions to you
and will be attracted to you because you like the same things she does!

4- Bring sex into the conversation

One of my secret tricks to attract
women is to work sexual innuendos into my first date.

If you can tease her in a sexual manner or bring up funny sexual stories that
happened to one your friends, you can create a bit of sexual tension.

Once this happens she'll start to wonder what you're like in the bedroom. After
that, things should progress really fast.

Asking the right first date questions can help you transition from barely
knowing one another to quickly building attraction. If you're able to implement
all 4 of these topics, you'll be on your way to instant dating success!

First dates can be difficult, if you say the wrong things
then your chances of success will dramatically decrease. In this article, find
the 4 type of questions that you can ask which increases attraction and builds