Casey Johnson's Bereaved Lesbian Exes

Casey Johnson death

When Casey Johnson died at the age of 30 earlier this week, she left behind a list of ex-lovers dotted with fame, scandal, and not a little crazy. Among her high-profile relationships were the older boyfriend she accused her aunt of stealing from her, Yahoo scion Courtenay Semel, and her fiancée at the time of her death, the constantly-tweeting, allegedly bereaved Tila Tequila. Who was Casey Johnson? We can learn a little more about her brief and troubled life by looking at the people she spent it with.

Stephan de Kwiatkowski

Casey briefly dated Stephan, the son of the owner of Kentucky's legendary Thoroughbred breeding stable Calumet Farm, when she was a teenager; in 2002, she instigated a melee at New York's Bungalow 8 by screaming "Why don't you start dating someone who is past puberty?" at Stephan (he was 30 at the time and his date was, allegedly, quite young). The fracas ended with Nicole Richie, at the time Casey's roommate, slashing Stephan across the face with a broken cocktail glass.

John Dee

Casey began dating music manager John Dee, then 26, in 2005, around the time of her 26th birthday party. A few months later Casey traveled with John, who was also actress Lara Flynn Boyle's ex-husband, and her intensely private aunt, 55-year-old philanthropist Libet Johnson, to visit an orphanage Libet had established in Cambodia. When they returned Casey accused her aunt, through Page Six's Richard Johnson, of seducing John. Libet, horrified at the vulgar attention, refused to comment. John denied he'd ever been in a relationship with Casey. It was all very seedy. After this debacle, Casey began dating women exclusively. Top 10 Alternatives To The Word "Boyfriend"

Courtenay Semel

Casey began dating Courtenay, whose father, Terry, ran Yahoo from 2001 to 2006, in 2008, shortly after Courtenay's relationship with Lindsay Lohan ended in 2007. The relationship was off and on, and turbulent from the beginning. In January of last year, when Courtenay and Casey were broken up, Casey went to Courtenay's house after having a fight with her girlfriend, and Courtenay proceeded to beat up Casey and set her hair on fire. Casey was hospitalized, and Courtenay later denied that the fight had gotten physical. The couple reconciled briefly before breaking up for good. Courtenay later dated Tila Tequila, making this some sort of love pentagon, we think.

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