Is Tiger Woods A Sex Addict?

Is Tiger A Sex Addict?

Or is their something (or someone) else to blame?

Is Tiger Woods a sex addict, or is he just following in the footsteps of his famously influential father, Earl Woods? Addiction is genetic, that's been proven. But we also know that patterns are repeated throughout generations because of the model passed down from elder to offspring. Inside The Mind Of A Sex Addict

Yesterday, E! News broke the story of the Elder Woods' philandering ways via an interview with Tiger's high school sweetheart.

Long before he made tabloid (or even sports page) headlines, Tiger Woods was devastated by his own father's philandering, according to his high school sweetheart.

Dina Parr, who he dated during high school and into his freshman year in college, exclusively tells E! News that Woods would call her from the road during the summer to talk about his parents' relationship.

"He would just call crying and say, 'My dad is with another woman,' and that would be all he could say," she says. "He would be so upset, so I just tried to be there for him and listen to him." [Source: E! Online]

So, can we say that the proverbial apple doesn't fall far from the tree...? Or is there something else at play?

YourTango's Experts, Evan Marc Katz says it's impossible to speculate, but we do know this: "He's no different than hundreds of athletes, rock stars and politicians who have done the same thing." Why Powerful Men Cheat

Adds Katz:

Woods is a libidinous alpha male who travels frequently, separates sex from love, and didn't think his infidelity would catch up with him. The only things that makes this a story is how incongruent this is with his image—and how the digital age of emails, texts and voice mails has convicted him. Other unfaithful celebrities should be quaking in their Nikes.

As the ever-wise Rev. Run tweeted today, "Opportunity only knocks once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.. real talk."

Could it be that Tiger just was overwhelmed with temptuous opportunities? Sex and relationships expert Tammy Nelson, also a YourTango Expert member, says that's one theory, but provides others:

Blame it on High School: For men like Tiger Woods who experienced a less than stellar social life in high school, having a multitude of women may be a way for him to finish off a developmental stage that he didn't get to work through in his teenage years. Psychologically, Tiger Woods, like other men, may be trying to heal a wound that goes deeper than any of us know. Maybe now that his personal life has been exposed and his defenses are crumbling, he can get the help that he needs, and so can his family.

Blame it on opportunity: Famous men, like most mean, cheat because of OPPORTUNITY. Men like Tiger Woods who have everything to lose and nothing to gain from sneaking around, may simply have more opportunity than the average guy. And its not necessarily that there's something missing in his marriage, either. It's not about how beautiful his wife is, or what's happening in their relationship. No matter who Tiger was married to, it is likely he would have taken advantage of the opportunities he had to sleep with other women.

There are studies that show that 55 to 65 percent of people who have affairs say that they are actually happy in their marriages and sexually satisfied even though they are committing adultery with someone else. Affairs do not necessarily indicate difficulty in the marriage or dissatisfaction with their primary partner.

Blame it on the adrenaline rush: Tiger Woods has high visibility, really big sponsors, a beautiful wife and two small children. He has a lot to lose. It is this danger that makes the infidelity that much more exciting. Some men do develop addictions to the high of cheating; the sneaking around, the rush of the sex itself, the hiding, and the double life. Sometimes its the relationships and the affection, the love they get that becomes the addiction.

Blame it on entitlement: Some celebrities may even feel entitled to infidelity. They can develop entitlement complexes out of a sense of "I deserve this." They take what they want, compartmentalizing their needs, and they sincerely do not think it will affect the people around them.

What's your take?

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