Is Mickey Rourke Engaged?

Mickey Rourke and Elena Kuletskaya

'The Wrestler' star reportedly plans third wedding to woman 33 years his junior.

Unlike some stars—Madonna, Anne Heche and Christie Brinkley, to name a few—who have sworn they'd never walk down the aisle after failed marriages, Mickey Rourke might be thinking that his third time could be the charm. Page Six is reporting that Mickey, 57, popped the question to his girlfriend of several months, gorgeous 24-year-old Russian model Elena Kuletskaya. No matter that she wasn't even born when Mickey starred in his breakthrough movie, the 1982 comedy Diner.

The couple were recently spotted in Manhattan shopping for a new puppy. Loki, one of Mickey's chihuahuas that he once called "the love of his life," died earlier this year. With Loki gone, will Elena fill that void in Mickey's heart? Or will his relationship with the new pup last longer? Doggie Playdates: A Matchmaking Trend

The bigger question is whether these marriage rumors are even true. Although Mickey may have been seen out and about with Elena, he's also been photographed cozying up to a few other women in recent months, including another twentysomething model, Cheyenne Tozzi. Science: Men Chasing After Younger Women Are Just Obeying Natural Selection

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