3 Celebrity Holiday Invites We'd Like To Snag


These households are sure to have the most stimulating table-talk this holiday season.

Our friends over at PopEater asked us to imagine these dysfunctional Hollywood Thanksgivings (think Michael Lohan, Michelle Williams, Mackenzie Phillips), which got us thinking: Whose real-life Holiday spreads would we like to be invited to (or at least mutate into a carefully positioned fly on the wall)?

The Paltrow/Martin's for Thanksgiving

Last year, Gwynneth published her Thanksgiving menu in her e-mail newsletter Goop. And with recipes like Homemade Cranberry Chutney & Gravey, Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie With Maple Whipped Cream on the list, you can be sure this year's fare will be both nutrious and yummy. But that's not the only reason why it would be interesting to be seated at their table. Sources say the Paltrow-Martin marriage is crumbling, and that Chris might not be around next year. Pass the knife, the tension in the dining room is thick! Is Chris Martin Cheating On Gwyneth?

The Pitt's for Christmas

No, not Brad and Angelina's (but we're hoping they'd be in attendance), we're talking about Mr. & Mrs. Pitt Senior, Grandma and Grandpa to baby Shilo, Maddox and the bunch. You can only imagine the down-home Missouri especially as Jane Pitt takes a not-so-secret phone call from her favorite daughter-in-law Jen Aniston. Brad Pitt's Mom Wants Him With Jennifer Aniston

The Simpson's for New Years

Sisters Jessica and Ashley both may be down and out as of late, but that's why we would enjoy Papa Simpsons Holiday sermon so much! This former preacher-turned-manager would definitely have some words of inspiration and reflection for the girls that we would love to hear.

Runner-ups: The Letterman's, The Palin's and ... ? Who do you vote?