Great, Kelly Kapowski Is Taken. Now What?

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Tiffani-Amber Thiessen's baby news reminds me of my all-time TV crushes.

As you may know, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (now just Tiffani Thiessen, I reckon) married a guy named Brady Smith in 2005 and now, according to LimeLife, is pregnant. In Hollyweird you're not really taken until you have a kid or have been together for 12 years, so this pregnancy thing is pretty devastating to a lot of us. The news has me recalling my various TV crushes and what they taught me. Here they are in chronological order:

I'm 9 and she's Danica McKellar. My feelings about The Wonder Years' Winnie Cooper are known. When I was a boy, she represented everything good and female: tenderness, caprice and the possibility that a guy could be friends with his ex. I get a little teary when TV Land replays the series finale. Read: A Man And His Winnie Cooper

I'm 11 and she's Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. While Zack Morris was the star of Saved By The Bell, the show got most of its get-up-and-go from his relationship with Kelly Kapowski (plus Jessie Spano's addiction to pills and Screech's stalking of Lisa Turtle). From the initial love triangle with AC Slater to an infatuation with her manager at The Max to a full-on tryst with an anthropology professor, Kelly Kapowski kept Zack fighting for her. Kelly taught me that ladies can and will change their minds, but true love always wins in the long run (more on Saved By The Bell later this week). Val Malone, Tiffani-Amber's character on Beverly Hills 90210, taught me that there was something exciting and sexy about a lady with drama, but she's ultimately not worth it.

I'm 19 and she's Katie Holmes. Dawson's Creek was the spiritual successor to 90210 and Saved By The Bell and Joey Potter may be the spiritual successor to Winnie Cooper and Kelly Kapowski. The tomboyish girl-next-door faced it all: love triangles, love indecision, deathbed love wisdom and the inspiration of love. Note: I could not have included this character if she ended up with Dawson rather than Pacey (more on the Creek soon).

I'm 27 and she's Ginnifer Goodwin. Margene Henrickson is the third wife on Big Love, and although she is the youngest and newest to the polygamous lifestyle, Marge may be the most understanding. In addition to being the most sexually adventurous of the wives, she seems like she's most willing to sacrifice for the sake of the family (e.g. the gambling deal and her endorsement of another wife). Finally, she is not afraid of romantic rivals, even if they are sister-wives. Read: Polygamists Give "Big Love" Mixed Reviews

It's dawned on me that I have a type: brunettes with big hearts, soft features and a willingness to change their minds (or start a love triangle) if things aren't going their way. It's my cross, I'll bear it. Thanks a lot, television. I guess I should be glad that I never became a fan of Melrose Place

How did TV crushes affect your tastes and expectations for relationships?

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