'Fringe': TV's Sexiest New Non-Couple

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Looking for a modern-day Mulder-Scully dynamic? Try 'Fringe.'

We've been fans of J.J. Abrams since Felicity. Since then, he's written and produced Alias, Lost, and now, Fringe. While the last three have been or currently are dramas, they've all had a hint of romance. And good ones, at that. This time around, J.J. doesn't disappoint.
Presenting: Our Argument in Favor of Fringe. If you haven't checked it out, do so, even if you're not a sci-fi fan. The characters and relationship between main character Agent Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop are enough to sustain an apathetic science-fiction fan. 
While Dunham is played by the lesser known Anna Torv, Peter Bishop is played by Joshua Jackson (All hail J.J. Abrams for bringing Pacey back!). Fortunately, Jackson's just as irresistible as he was back in his Dawson's Creek days. And aside from serving as the ultimate female role model (intelligent, independent, strong), Olivia's unconventionally sexy. Joshua Jackson And Diane Kruger Moving In Together
We love their modern-day Mulder-Scully chemistry. Really, there's nothing like the unrequited union of smart charm and brainy beauty. Despite being virtual strangers outside the office, the trust and details they share make them the most intimate of work partners. While they never outwardly flirt, there's clearly a spark. (Although a little flirting on the job never hurts.) The Rules On Relationships At Work
Awesome-character footnote: And can we just say how unbelievably addictive Walter is? Peter's kooky, clinically imbalanced, brilliant mad-scientist father adds just the right amount of levity to a sometimes thick scientific plot. We heart him a thousand times over.
What J.J. Abrams does so well in each of his series is create deep, meaningful, touching relationships, each with a tragic star-crossed feel. He never, ever just gives you what you want (the quick hook-up). Instead, he develops the bond, adds twist and turns, and in the end, delivers a love story just as engaging as the main plots of his action/drama/sci-fi offerings. We can't help but hope every week that Olivia and Peter get together. But for the sake of a good story, we know Abrams will keep them apart. At least for now.
Photo: Fox