Carrie Prejean Becomes Unhinged On Larry King Live

Carrie Prejean

Ex-BF who leaked the tape claims that she wasn't underage in the Carrie-on-Carrie tape.

Speaking with Sean Hannity, The View, and last night on Larry King Live, it's been clear that "nobody defends Carrie Prejean Like Carrie Prejean," in the very wise words of Barbara Walters.

Carrie Prejean stays on point — "It was the biggest mistake of my life," one that she takes "full responsibility for" but that can be blamed on a vast left-wing conspiracy and/or "religious persecution" — that is until someone messes with her carefully scripted damage control routine.

Apparently, her people had an agreement with Larry King's people that no calls would be taken from viewers on the show. Well, one was and Carrie went berserk, ripping off her mic and then just sitting there... smirking, calling out Larry King for his "inappropriateness" (Read the full transcript of the interview on the next page)

The innocuous-yet-campy question that sent her over the line didn't even have anything to do with the sex tape.

CALLER: Hi, calling from Detroit. I'm a gay man and I love pageants. I'm sure that you, Carrie, have got great gay friends that helped you possibly win. What would you give them as advice if they wanted to get married? [From]

Ha! Watch it below.

Returning to the sex tape, TMZ is reporting that the man claiming to be the recipient of the Carrie-on-Carrie video said that it was sent to him when they were involved with each other in 2007. If so, that ups the ante in the sex vid biz, as it clearly places Ms. Prejean at twenty-years of age (and not the rumored 17). He alleges that "Carrie and company called him last week and tried getting him to "lie" and say she was 17 when she shot the video."

Uh Oh.

A full transcript of the Larry King/Carrie Prejean showdown after the jump.