Community Blog: Why Women Are Wrong About Porn


I have a hard time pinpointing exactly why, but I'm sometimes very irritated with women's abhorrence for porn while I agree that probably most things about how the industry works is very wrong, but I don't think that porn in itself is necessarily a bad thing. I'm also convinced that more or less all men consume it to some extent, and very few are addicted to it. Some women also enjoy porn, but I'm not one of them, I'm not "visual" in that respect.

What miffs me is first and foremost the way women discuss the females who make a living that way. It's true that many aren't treated well, are too young and not paid well enough and so on. However, women who get all worked up over the "exploitation" of the sex-workers have no problems with buying clothes, furniture, fabrics etc that are produced by veritable (child) slave labor. Regarding sweat shops, child labor and so on, no-one is suggesting that we should stop buying clothes and furniture altogether, but rather that we need more consumer awareness and these industries must take responsibility for where the goods is coming from and how and by whom it's made.

What I'm saying is that imo rather than condemning porn as a whole we need something along the lines of a "fair trade" system/label on porn. The industry should not be run by people on the fringes of criminal organizations that operate in human trafficking, there should be a minimum age (25?), the working conditions must be properly regulated and that sort of thing. Porn that feeds violence, rape, and abuse of minors etc should not be tolerated either.

What I can't agree with is the view that all female sex-workers are victims, and either mentally disturbed and ill or forced/lured into the industry. Certainly, the way the industry is operated in large parts of the world today too many women are indeed victims, but there are also many who do it of their own free will and do not need to be "saved from themselves". If a grown up woman chooses this line of work, then I don't see why society should object. And incidentally, I don't see anyone being worried about the fate of the male sex-workers. All in all it looks to me like our strong reaction against porn is based on a very Victorian idea about women: A woman who is sexually promiscuous is either mentally ill or a victim, and having sex with several men or her naked body seen by a multitude of men, is unnatural and will inevitably lead to her destruction.

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