Sienna Miller and Jude Law Getting Back Together?

jude law and sienna miller

Jude Law has a new baby and a new main squeeze?

Dear sweet British selfishness. It looks like Jude Law and Sienna Miller may have decided to stop screwing the rest of the world's dating population… and start screwing each other.

Per Hollyscoop, the two are both working on Broadway (Law has gotten decent reviews for his turn as the melancholy Dane, Hamlet and Miller stars in After Miss Julie). "Inside sources" say the two English actors have been meeting in secret during their stay in New York. Rumors also state that the two have managed to stay in contact over the years. 

As you likely recall, Jude Law and Sienna Miller dated intensely and became engaged in the middle of this decade. They were engaged at the end of 2004 and separated in November 2006 after it was revealed that he cheated on her with the nanny of his three children from his marriage to Sadie Frost.

After that, Sienna Miller declared war on mankind (mostly the men but there was collateral damage against the earth's women, namely Rosetta Getty). Jude Law, for his part, continued doing his thing… handsomeness, film and swordsmanship. And it would be really hard to be surprised that their desire to rekindle some sort of eternal flame.

While it's hard not to recognize Jude Law as a talented actor but certainly has a penchant for playing roles remarkably similar to his public image (Alfie, The Talented Mr. Ripley, I Heart Huckabees, Closer and The Aviator).

And in other Jude Law news, the mother of his most recent child has decided to get a little pub. Per the LA Times, Samantha Burke has sold photographs to the tabloid Hello!. She allegedly earned $300K in remuneration for the 14-page photo layout. Rumor has it that she is planning on donating that money to charity. It's also rumored that Jude Law will only have a financial relationship with his newborn daughter. 

Let's hope that any further liaisons for the talented Mr. Law include birth control

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