Should You Try The Pull-Out Method?

Pulling Out

Birth control pill-induced weight gain means new consideration for the withdrawal method.

Not to get all TMI on you—we're all friends here, though, aren't we?—but my husband and I are thinking about changing up our birth control to the ol' pull-out method. Actually, correction: I'm thinking about it and he's biding his time, not saying too much, hoping I come to my senses before my prescription for the Pill runs out. The Frisky: MERRIme, A Web Comedy About Online Dating

But the thing is, I'm beginning to hate the Pill. While I'm not experiencing the emotional side effects that I have in the past—thank God!—I am suffering from what I call the Big Boob Effect. My boobs have grown a whole cup size in the two years that I've been taking the Pill on the regular. I'm now a D-Cup, which may sound sweet to some of you, but remember, I went through surgery once before to have smaller boobs, so these Ds are not welcome in my book. In addition, I've gained about 10 pounds and no matter how much I exercise, I can't seem to shed the extra weight. I've gone up a dress size in everything, and I've had to replace practically my whole wardrobe. I'm a confident person, but lately I'm pretty uncomfortable in my skin and I blame it on the Pill. The Frisky: Does Going On The Pill Curse A Potential Relationship?

Despite my essay the other day about having babies on the brain, I'm not quite ready for motherhood yet, so there has to be some kind of birth control in play for us. We hate condoms, so those are out. All that other stuff that—shots, IUDs, diaphragms, sponges (wait, do those even still exist?)—don't appeal to me either, which basically leaves us at the withdrawal method. A study came out earlier this year that said when it's practiced perfectly, it's almost as effective as condoms. A friend of mine told me the other day that she and her husband have been practicing withdrawal for years and it works for them ... so maybe it could work for us? The Frisky: Should Sex Educators Teach The Withdrawal Method?

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