Madonna Pays Off Jesus


Boy toy receives $14,000 a month in cash and gifts for his favors.

We think that everyone can admit that Madonna is hot despite her 51 years, but could it be that even she is a little intimidated by dating a much younger man, namely her 22-year-old Brazilian boyfriend, Jesus? Dating A Golddigger

According to InTouch magazine, the epic pop star is giving her boy toy a $10,000 monthly allowance, and the Globe says she is shelling out another grand a week for English lessons.

"Madonna's boytoy Jesus Luz knows it pays to stick close to the Material Girl," says InTouch. "According to a friend, Jesus, 23, put his modeling career on hold in order to accompany Madonna around the world—and that move is definitely paying off. Jesus basically lived paycheck to paycheck before he met Madonna, and he, like most people, had bills."

We know that Ms. Madonna is loaded and all, but $14,000 a week seems like a lot of green to spend on one person. We wonder how the kiddies and the ex are feeling about the arrangement?

According to, the excessive spending is less about being intimidated and more about power:

I like to joke around about Madonna and Jesus Luz because their dynamic just seems funny to me. I don't have anything against 'cougars' and their 'cubs' per se, but with Madonna and Jesus is just feels like it's not even about an older woman getting her rocks off with a young guy. For the Madge Vadge, it just feels like it's always about the power struggle. And with Jesus, there is no power struggle, like there would be with one of those 'grumpy, fat, balding' men closer to Madge’s age. In the relationship with Jesus, Madge has all the control, all of the intelligence (because Jesus doesn't seem too bright), all of the power, all of the money. She's in charge, and everything is about her. And that’s how Madge really gets her rocks off. 101 Ways To Improve Your Relationship Right Now

The power idea has merit, especially in light of the fact that Madonna is over Jesus' broken English and is paying $1,000 a week for a private tutor to teach the former model to speak well.

"She wants prove to her friends that he's intelligent and sophisticated, so she's hired a language teacher and forbidden him from speaking Portuguese anymore," a source is quoted as saying in the Globe. Oui, Y’all: Why Accents Are So Attractive