Avril Lavigne: From Sk8ter Boi to Billionaires


Hey you (heirs), Avril Lavigne wants to be your girlfriend.

Correct us if we're wrong, but didn't Avril Lavigne build her pop-punk empire upon the stones of anti-preppy angst? 

So what is this we hear about her recent hook ups with sleazy oil heir Brandon Davis and heir to Dole Food Company, Justin Murdock—both most assuredly the epitome of prepster privilege and arrogance? 

Earlier this month, paparazzi snapped the pop star partying hardy with Brandon Davis, whose previous arm candy includes Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton. Now a report from Star Magazine [via Celebitchy] reveals that Lavigne has moved onto the next billionaire, Justin, whose own ex-loves include Ivanka Trump. 

Obviously, Avril didn't blink before rebounding from her mid-September split from husband Deryck Whibley of Sum 41. And it was pretty clear who did the dumping, Lavigne had been living it up single gal-style months before the official break up. According to gossip, Deryck was crushed by the news. He had apparently hoped Avril would settle down and have children. But Avril proved to be a little more "complicated" than that. Rumors of a thing between Justin Murdock and Avril surfaced as early as last December, when the two were caught getting friendly at L.A.’s Delux Bar. 

Nowadays, it looks like the couple is keeping it on the down low.

"Avril and Justin have been to Hawaii together but mostly they’ve been holed up at his place,” said an insider to Star. “Avril’s had a thing for Justin for a while.”

Pre-teens everywhere will be so disappointed.